Family Tree

from by Shakey Graves


At times I feel pretty monstrous, like ripping my clothes and biting females.
Who would want something like that?


Only dead folks get my jokes
Storm the castle and swim the moat
Across the world lives a big old goat
Who's got nine eyes and breathes nothing but smoke
And he loves Lilly but Lilly loves me
And Lilly loves Shelia but Shelia Loves me
So lets go out back and plant a family tree
We'll be as happy as a couple motherfuckers can be

Load your pistol to shoot the breeze
Go to the garden tell the birds and bees
Not to bother the girls or harass the boys
Busk for your breakfast baby make some noise
We'll wake up grandpa wake up Jane
Throw a couple rocks at their window pane

If daddy gives me money Ill drink my milk
Got women to scare
Got a world to tilt

There's no one in the world but you for me
So lets go out back and plant a family tree


from Donor Blues EP, released December 14, 2012



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Shakey Graves Austin, Texas

Shakey Graves Is A Gentleman From Texas.


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