Good Police

from by Shakey Graves


Good police is a song about a bad cop trying to retrieve a spouse from the clutches of loss. It includes a lot of references to the dirty home I was living in at the time. I thought that if the police ever tried to figure out what sort of person I was, it would be easy to come to some awful conclusions.

This song was actually recorded live in a small canyon in the Joshua Tree National park. Isaac Gillespie came to visit me in LA and we wanted to do some sort of high quality field recording, at the time we were trying to put together a split album called Graves & Gillespie.
He called a buddy of his that lived in Southern California and we all drove into the surreal martian desert.
We found a long chamber full of owl scat and proceeded to record six tunes...this is one of the best songs that came out of the session.
The rest of the adventure will be released in the future.

The title comes from the "The Wire" which I was knee deep in at the time.

Check out Isaac's band The Due Diligence (www.iwillwreckyourlife)


If I lived in a white home you could see the coffee rings on everything
Thats good police
Yeah I would bite the hand that feeds me but lordy lord I dont get fed
Dont you think Id look handsome healthy instead?

But with a bigger home and better garden
I could get you lookin my way again
Yeah life's more fun with a badge and a gun

But please dont go Gloria
Oh no
Low blow Gloria

So here in my white home
Ill have lots of time to think
House arrest
Thats good police
Yeah the Feds oh they'll follow my trail
Yeah they're on the case
Searching where I slept and shaved my face

Oh theyll discover that I never shower
Thats where I got all my power
I dont think you ever understood
That my garbage is my gold

But no dont go Gloria
Oh no low blow Gloria
Lord knows you're full of those Gloria
Oh no dont go Gloria


from Donor Blues EP, released December 14, 2012
Alejandro Rose-Garcia : Guitar, Words, and Vocals
Isaac Gillespie: Guitar
Matt Bruno: mandolin



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