War Horn

from by Shakey Graves


My swipe at a do wop tune.
A tale about a disciple of the straight and narrow hearing the call.


Never robbed a bank I never stole a car
Never pumped no bullets into Johnny Law
Always payed my taxes always drove below the speed limit
In my home town

Always had a girlfriend
Yeah I always had a job
Never drank no alcohol
Always flapped my jaw
Never raised a finger till I heard the lord
Blowin on his old war horn

Always smoked them cigarettes
Yeah never smoked no dope
Always had an alibi
Yeah always had some hope
Never thought no evil could have settled down
In the people of my home town

Never met no witches no I never met no ghosts
Never sent no howlies to the fire below
Never carried weapons till I heard the lord
Blowin on his old war horn


from Donor Blues EP, released December 14, 2012



all rights reserved


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Shakey Graves Austin, Texas

Shakey Graves Is A Gentleman From Texas.


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